"I had two fawns I had given up on. They had uncontrollable scours and rectal bleeding from irritation. Each fawn lost 15 pounds in a few days and no medications would work. We contacted C&E Wildlife and were given a specific treatment protocol to follow. Needless to say, we were amazed at the results. Within two days, the scours were gone and the deer were back to soft pellets. We used a combination of products that included Newborn Fawn Paste, Guardian Plus, and Electromax. There is no doubt in my mind these fawns would have not lived if they wouldn’t have been given the great probiotics in the C&E Wildlife Products."

Trent Turner-The Turner Ranch

“I have been extremely impressed with the results we've seen since using C&E Wildlife Products.  Nothing is more important to us than the overall health of our herd, and that's why C&E Wildlife is a big part of our program.  Every deer on our place gets the Whitetail Fawn Paste when they are born, Guardian probiotics in their water, and Top Score when they grow their antlers.  Our deer have never looked better.  C&E Wildlife has the best products on the market, and I would highly recommend them to anyone in the deer business.”

Jordan Smrekar – Double Dime Whitetails

 “We have used C&E Wildlife Products for the past two years and recommend it to any deer farmer we visit with. Since we started using the Fawn Paste, we have not had any issues with E coli or scours in our fawns at all. The Top Score has done wonders with getting our bucks back in excellent body condition after the rut allowing the buck’s system to focus on antler growth earlier in the season. There are no other products on the market that come close to the results you will get from using C&E Wildlife Products! Cougar Ridge Whitetails”


David McQuaig & Holly Johnson – Cougar Ridge Whitetails

“I am impressed with the quality of C&E Wildlife Products.  I have been raising deer for over 25 years and I am always looking for the best probiotics to use in my herd.  Ever since I started using the fawn paste, fawn health and survival rates increased.  Using the fawn paste gave us an alternative method for treating illness without having to use antibiotics.  All of the C&E Wildlife Products that I use continue to impress me, and they have become a standard in my herd.”


Robert Williams - RW Trophy Ranch

"Over the past few years I have incorporated C&E Wildlife Products  into my nutritional program. In that time frame I have seen increases in the overall health of my herd and will continue to use the full line-up of C&E Wildlife Products in the future."


Josh Newton – Red Ridge Whitetails

“The product line that I started using, Target Probiotics, in my bottle raising program over 4 years ago, has a new brand name, C&E Wildlife Products.  As they say, what’s in a name?  I don’t care what name they use, because the recipe is still the same.  So, I simply call it amazing.  I have been and continue to be so amazed at the results, and have been so pleased with the ability to control common symptoms like scours, among others.  There is no doubt in my mind, comparing the years prior to adding C&E Wildlife Products (formerly Target Probiotics) to my program to the years since, that these products have contributed to us keeping more fawns alive and have helped to prevent the avalanche of symptoms that can so quickly get out of control in a nursery setting. C&E Wildlife Products , regardless of a new label or name, for fawns and adult deer are, and will continue to be, a staple in our bottle raising, breeding and daily herd health management programs.”


Robbie & Brad Peterson –

 Fawn Country, Inc. / Brush Country Genetics / BAR P Ranch Whitetails

“We are very satisfied with the product quality of C&E Wildlife Products and give our deer Electromax Paste when working or administering antibiotics to promote intestinal health and to help with rehydration. We are a firm believer in the Newborn Fawn Paste and its ability to help promote intestinal health, and remedy illness in our fawns. We give the fawn paste when we have problems with sours or anytime fawn health declines.”


O. Lamar & Lonnie Borkholder - O. La-Jo’s Whitetails

“I have been raising fawns for 15 years and have never come across a group products so useful. The fawn paste is very effective at controlling E. coli and scours. The Whitetail Energy Pack provides a great source of energy and probiotics to weak fawns which help them to get up, get moving, and nurse. The Guardian Plus added to every bottle, provides consistent protection against bacterial pathogens in my bottle fed fawns. Thank you C&E Wildlife for always being there and the personal attention you give to all farmers and their deer!”


Monty Carnell – ZZ Whitetails

“We have successfully used various C&E Wildlife (formerly Target Probiotics) Products for a number of years on several diseases and especially on underweight animals. It works!”


Lester Beechy – Summit Crest Whitetails

"We used C&E Wildlife Products on all our deer this past year including fawns.  A great product to help get the most from our genetics.  We saw better weight gain, coat maintenance, and antler growth.  Lactating does did not lose weight and fawn weights were best ever!"


Bill Holdman - Elam Woods Whitetails





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