• Research Supported – Conducted by Texas Tech University; Lubbock, Texas.
  • Microencapsulated Bacteria – Prolongs bacteria’s viability and stability. Protects the bacteria until it reaches the lower gut.
  • Compatible with Antibiotics – The selected probiotic strains are compatible with common feeding levels antibiotics and increases antibiotic absorption. Presently we have resistance trials to 43 different antibiotics.  This means that while antibiotics given to deer will kill most probiotics, they will not affect C&E Probiotics!
  • Bile Acid Tolerance – Microencapsulated bacteria withstands up to 350µg/ml bile salt concentration.  If you feed a moderate to high fat diet, these bile acids can affect probiotics, however our specialized microencapsulation process keeps C&E probiotics safe from these harmful acids!
  • pH Stable – Acidic conditions (low pH) in the stomach or rumen inhibit the activity of many bacteria. C&E’s microencapsulated bacteria has documented the pH stability at different pH’s in gastric juices.
  • Stability – Microencapsulation protects the bacteria during mixing in liquid protein feeds and supplements.
  • Bacteria – Colonizes in the digestive tract and increases the absorption of nutrients. Probiotics ward off pathogens by producing bacteriocin, a natural antibiotic.